I built my smoker using two plant pots the burner inside  is a stainless steel bucket and the exterior wood  pot in is made of old pallets
<p>This same idea could be used to build a wood steamer for bending wood. An electric tea pot could be placed under the flower pot with the box on top used to hold the wood items You want to steam bend. Of course, the box would have to be built to fit Your wood items. Great idea!!</p>
<p>to steam wood for bending, you might consider pvc pipe with a few fittings - assuming you are bending longer, narrow strips.</p>
<p>great Idea! thanks</p><p>Paolo</p>
<p>Do you have a detailed instructions list and materials list for this and how each section of this works? I'd really like to build one of these.</p>
<p>No I only take a look to a kamado smoker (green egg) than I take a look to material I have in mt backyard .... I decided to smoke half salmon at time .... than I build it!</p><p>P</p>
<p>What are the actual instructional steps/material list etc?</p>
<p>three metal plates allow air circulation inside the pot</p>
<p>Hi! Nice smoker! What are those metal plates inside a pot in the the pic number 7?</p>
<p>Dear Williams old pallet only for the external box of the two pot</p><p>the smoke chamber is genuine pine wood.</p><p>The steel inox pot with opportune holes and grid was put on the little pot and than over the the silver things inside the first pot.</p><p>Nnot fixed only put on</p>
<p>There has to be photos missing here, what are the silver things inside the first pot and how does the steel pail fit in it????? </p>
<p>I would have made the smoker box out of NEW cedar wood not used pallets that could have god knows what has spilled on them over the years.</p>
Is the smoke box made of &quot;old pallets&quot;? Those are heavily saturated in pesticides. I wouldn't normally say anything but when it comes to cooking.....
<p>the smoking box is natural wood not treated</p>
The pallet wood is only for aesthetic ... the cooking (somking) chamber is only ceramic <br>Paolo <br> <br>
Ah gotcha. So this is more of a cold smoking?
<p>yes, the smoke is really cold. The smoke chamber in winter reach 16&deg;C.</p>
<p>Hey, looks great. Are there any instructions?</p>
do you do more than one tier when you're smoking? <br>
only one level of wood <br>
I have a question about the block under the first pot, is it supposed to allow airflow to the hole in the bottom? Also, does the wood go in the ss bucket and where do the smoking chips go? Thanks, I just want to make sure I get it right, I'm excited to use it! Love the design <br>
exact is fo allow air flow I use only pieces of wood from my garden directly in the pot, the smoke is generated by low air flow and wetting wood
Thanks for your comments... is really simple cook inside and using the wood box on the top (last two photos) I can smoke fish (salmon) and meat is really a simple instructable <br>Paolo
I love the simplicity of the design.
thanks for your comment <br>Paolo

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