Homemade SPAM with Kombu Misubi

Picture of Homemade SPAM with Kombu Misubi

I have early memories of Saturday morning breakfasts of SPAM. Salty, meaty, fried and curled up around the edges. I liked it then, but years later, out in the wilderness, I tried again and almost choked at the salt content. It drowned out any flavor the meat particles once had and made me thirsty for an entire day. Still, I couldn’t help but appreciate the survivalist capacity of SPAM and that iconic can-well traveled, dust covered, nostalgic, and dinged in ways that suggest a storied past.

Years later, I was in a gas station in Hawaii and very hungry. Under the heat lamp were the usual choices-hot dogs, burritos, and then SPAM, served over sushi rice and with a sliver of seaweed holding it together. I had heard about this this East- -meets-tinned-meat staple known as masubi. It seemed like the safest choice of the light bulb- cooked buffet. It had a sweet teriyaki sauce that balanced out the salt, and despite my biases, I enjoyed it. SPAM utilizes pork trim that normally goes to waste, so it was an early adaptor in our growing awareness about food waste. I set out to make my own SPAM, with less salt, but still using parts of the animal that are normally wasted. So I made one out of pig trotters, and a salmon SPAM from collars, bellies and tails.

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Step 1: Buy Pig Trotters

Picture of Buy Pig Trotters

This is not as easy as one might think. Using trotters for SPAM was first suggested to me by a butcher at the Ferry Plaza Market. However, the butcher told me they were out, as all the chefs wanted them. I felt a little smug. I was out there sourcing alongside top chefs in San Francisco. When I was finally able to get some, the butcher advised me: “Just cook them for a good, long time until the meat falls from the two bones going through the hooves.”

CobyUnger6 days ago

It was SO good. Thanks for the treat.

69fordf1006 days ago
Looks like hogs head cheese.

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