DIY SPY ERASER Back to School Supplies You Need to Try!




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Introduction: DIY SPY ERASER Back to School Supplies You Need to Try!


Step 1: To Do a SPY ERASER You Need!!!

In today’s video I am going to share one more idea about how to make a DIY spy eraser at home.

Step 2: You Can Use Such an Eraser at School, University or at Home As a Cheat Sheet or a Concealment Device.

Step 3: That Is Why Make Sure to Make One.

I think it will help you out)

Step 4: Don’t Forget It Is Not Good to Resort to Cheat Sheets.

Even if you make such a cheat sheet, use it as a reminder rather than a cheat sheet))

Step 5: Voila - DIY Spy Eraser Is Ready!!!



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    'Back to School'? I think you're a little late (whereas little = 7 months) :)

    1 reply

    You made me remember the school times :-) Maybe with less tricks I'd learn a better english...

    2 replies

    I didn't ever use crib sheets in english. And look at me I write english good. Their still a good idea. But You're better off if you if you just study gooder. I think I just broke my spelling and grammar check.

    I would use this for my how to successfully cheat guide :)

    What, are crib notes out of style now?

    cant wait to try it!

    hmmmmm... never thought of that one!!! good idea!

    Wow, hacks for cheating...I weep for the future...