Cape Coral This is a very strong storm shelter we built that cost $3500. It took 3 weeks to complete and was a lot of work. The storm shelter has a low 7 feet profile providing very strong wind ptotection.
It&acute;s cool to post a private video. <br>Very altruistic! <br> <br>Congrats!
I am unable to view this video; it is showing that it is a private video.
Hey there, do you have more posts that you could do like this? Instructables is running a<a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/beprepared2012/"> Be Prepared Contest</a>, and content like this would be perfect.<br /> <br /> Cheers<br /> Aud
Job well done. I live in oklahoma(tornado alley) and would much rather be in this type of structure in some of my storms. I do believe I will be copying your ideas in making my storm shelter,again a good job i enjoyed it very much
Thank you for the nice comment. If you can go somewhat below ground or build a dirt berm with grass or plant rooting that would be a good add on especially for the BIG twisters in your area. Hope you have safe weather:-). <br> <br>Thanks again for the comment.
will be going a little below ground,... copying your floor (base),... natural rock,very thick walls, and the added berm( earth hill for cover) was my plan. some of these twisters can really spook you. i have seen seven in person but had only two scare me,lol

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