Hi, I'm Stephanie from the blog Henry Happened. Are you in the Valentine's Day spirit yet? I am! And this year I have hearts on the brain. Pretty much everything I’ve made lately is made of hearts – with a fair amount of sequins, glitter and pink thrown in. And studs. Because hearts and studs totally go together, right?
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Step 1:

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These iron on studs are awesome! I’ve seen them at both Michaels and JoAnns in the “bedazzle it” section. Yes, I’m pretty sure that is the technical name. You’ll need at least 3 packages. Combine these with a super cheap $5 Wal-Mart men’s sweatshirt.

Step 2:

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Start by cutting the studs into strips. Peel off the black backing and arrange them on the sweatshirt.
Getting the shape right was the biggest challenge. It took more time than I’d like to admit to figure it out -  so definitely save yourself the hassle and follow this pattern. 

Step 3:

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Then turn the sweatshirt over, being careful to keep the design in place, and iron according to the package directions. After the studs have cooled peel off the plastic from the front.

Step 4:

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The men’s sweatshirts are super soft and cozy. And if you cut off the collar and sleeves (see first photo) you get a cool Flashdance vibe. Because didn’t we all want to be Jennifer Beals? I used to spend Saturday nights as a kid dancing on the coffee table to that music!
HollyMann2 years ago
this is really cute! Great job!
Very cute idea! I love how you cut the shirt up too, looks very comfy :)