I recently got some empty co2 cartiges from a friend of mine. After keeping them in my workshop for a year, I had the idea of transforming them into small containers, that are really resistant, and can serve you as extra airsoft pellets tanks or as containers to keep your money when camping.

Step 1: Watch the Video

You can watch the video here (if the video above does not work) :

Step 2: What You Will Need:

You will need these tools:

_a hacksaw

_a drill

_a vice


_a dremel (if you dont have one, you can use sandpaper)

You will also need these materials:

_an empty CO2 cartige

_some glue

_the cap of an apple compote bottle / baby food bottle

_a keyring

Step 3: Sanding

To start, sand down the text that is on the cartige. If you use a drill, it will give your cartige also a nice industrial look.

Step 4: Sawing

Saw your cartige in half at about two thirds of it's size.

Step 5: Processing the Cap of the Compote Bottle

Snip off the cap of the compote bottle and sand it like shown in the video. At the end, the cap should fit in the co2 cartige.

Step 6: Gluing

Glue the two parts of the compote bottle and the cartige together, so, that you get two pieces that can be screwed together.

Step 7: Drilling the Hole for the Keyring and Adding It (the Keyring)

Drill a hole in the upper part of the cartige, so, that it penetrates it from the two sides. After that, add the keyring.

Step 8: SUCCESS!!

Congratulations! You just created a small weather resistant container, that can save your life in the wild nature! Now let go outside and test it out! :D



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    WOW!! That's excellent!

    We have lots of empty cartridges. We had planned to scrap them when we had enough. And using yogurt pouches is clever if you do not have the tools. Hope they take metal pellets and the necks on ours seems to be smaller.

    Will post when had a go.

    Ok I've searched and searched, what is "compot"?!?

    i think the author is using the cap from a squeezable apple puree 'bottle'
    in the states there is a brand called go go squeezers

    I think if you use the cap the other way it would be waterproof. Not sure if that is possible but, I like the idea of a waterproof pill container.

    Using the cap the other way will not make it waterproof, cause there's also a hole :( But to make the container waterproof, you must just add some hot glue to the top part!