How to make a medium duty sack truck from repurposed materials, pallet wood, old (lawn mower) wheels, screws and brackets, total cost of materials (coach bolts, screws and a little glue $1. The corner plates can obviously be made of steel, e,g, repurposed shelf brackets or window reinforcement plates. Includes test drive with Apricot the Cochin and modifications

Public Domain Music: from GreenEarthForever - Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune, the Internet Archive: http://archive.org/details/Nimba

Comment fabriquer un diable de gamme moyenne à partir de matériaux de recup, bois de palettes, vieux roues (tondeuse à gazon), vis et crochets, le coût total des matériaux (boulons à tête bombée, vis et un peu de colle 1 Euro.

Very good work! <br> <br>Again, thanks for the captions.
Thanks! You're welcome, we always keep in mind what you told us when we make films!

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