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Although sandwiches are not the most favorite thing to send in a lunch anymore, there are times when it is just the right thing. 

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I found this PUL (think waterproof) with cute little owls on it, what I like best was the little message each owl sends, especially “Whoooo loves you?”  The sandwich wrapper can be used to wrap anything in a lunch that will fit in its folds, not just a sandwich.  My Hubby likes to take left over homemade soups, with slices of homemade bread for lunch the next day.  I wrap the bread in the wrapper.  So here is how to make your own sandwich wrappers.

Step 2:

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1/3 yard (12 inches or 30 cm) PUL fabric ($15.00 a yard so $5 for 1/3 yard, you can make 5 wrappers from this piece of fabric)
2 inches hook and loop fastener ($1 for 1 yard)
Fabric scissors
E-6000 glue

Step 3:

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Cut a 12 inch (30 cm) square piece of pull fabric. With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, on each of the 4 sides, measure in 3 inches (7.5 cm) in from the corner (at the 3 inch and 9 inch mark).

Step 4:

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Draw a line from each mark to the mark on the neighboring side. 

Step 5:

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Do this to all 4 corners.

Step 6:

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Cut along each line removing each corner.

Step 7:

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 Fold the top flap down toward the bottom,

Step 8:

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and glue the loop side of the fastener

Step 9:

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to the center, of the right side of the material.  Make the bottom edge of the fastener about ½ inches (1.2cm) from the edge of the fabric.  Let dry for more than 1 hour (1 hour to dry, 24 hours to cure).

Step 10:

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Take the hook side of the fastener and glue the edge

Step 11:

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of the fastener to the wrong side of the fabric, so that the majority of the fastener sticks beyond the fabric.

Step 12:

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Center it so that it will meet the loop fastener half when the wrapper is folded together. Let the glue dry and cure. 

Step 13:

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To fold the wrap around the sandwich (or what ever) first fold the two side together toward the center.  

Step 14:

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Then pull the top down

Step 15:

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and the bottom up and fasten the hook and loop fast

Step 16:

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Did you notice how it provided a clean surface from which the lunch could be eaten?  The wrapper is hand washable and you should hang it to dry.  It should last a long time, unless your kids are like my kids. They make things disappear.  Enjoy!


MaryT8M (author)2012-09-13

very timely thank you

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