Picture of DIY Sanitary Box
This instructable to show you how to create the sanitary pad box to keep them nicely and easy for you to take them. As a woman, you will use them every month and we always keep some stock to avoid emergency case..:).
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
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1. Cardboard/ recycle box 2. Duct tape 3. Double sided tape 4. Cutter 5. Old magazine 6. Soap Bar

Step 2: Create Tall Size Box

Get the size of your sanitary pad and create tall box. You can use your own way to create it. For me i just create roughtly and let the duct tape to do the rest.

Step 3: Create The Outlet

Picture of Create The Outlet
13 9:42 PM.jpg
13 9:42 PM.jpg
13 9:42 PM.jpg
13 9:42 PM.jpg
You may create the outlet at the bottom of the box. I create mine a bit higher so easier to take out the sanitary pad. Measure the hight you want to create the outlet. Create the platform same hight that you wish. Outside the box, mark the hight. Draw the outlet and cut. After that, place the platform inside the box.

Step 4: UAT Test

Do user acceptance test. Make sure the platform fit the outlet and the outlet is good enough for you to take out the sanitary pad. Once satisfied, use duct tape to cover the platform area and outlet. Duct tape will create smooth surface on platform and avoid the outlet to tear off.

Step 5: Final Step

Picture of Final Step
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13 10:04 PM.jpg
Wrap the box with old magazine. Now you can keep the sanitary pad in the box. Put the soap bar on top of the sanitary pad as a weight to push the pad down and also make the pad smell good.