Make your own lotto tickets, wedding invites or even secret love notes!

Step 1:

here's what you need:
clear shelf paper
dish soap
metallic acrylic paint
paint brush
Shelf paper and shelf liner... are they the same?
<p>basically :) They're all adhesive contact papers. This is 4 years late for you, but maybe someone else had the same Q and could find this reply useful. LOL!</p>
<p>Do you have to use metallic silver paint or can you use any color?</p>
will it work if i use simple paint instead of mettalic paint
This is so cool! I tried it out and it works. I used darker paint though cause I didn't have any other. Technically I only needed one coat, I did two anyway to make sure it's covered, but it's an idea if you don't mind it not looking like real scratch-off.
Fantastic! Keeping this in mind for Valentine's Day :D
This is just too cute and so simple. Awesome!

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