Make your own lotto tickets, wedding invites or even secret love notes!

Step 1:

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here's what you need:
clear shelf paper
dish soap
metallic acrylic paint
paint brush
apeme3bitter2 months ago

Do you have to use metallic silver paint or can you use any color?

iamsandaman6 months ago
will it work if i use simple paint instead of mettalic paint
Nousie2 years ago
This is so cool! I tried it out and it works. I used darker paint though cause I didn't have any other. Technically I only needed one coat, I did two anyway to make sure it's covered, but it's an idea if you don't mind it not looking like real scratch-off.
Nahual3 years ago
Shelf paper and shelf liner... are they the same?
Fantastic! Keeping this in mind for Valentine's Day :D
This is just too cute and so simple. Awesome!