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Introduction: DIY Screwdriver Hack

About: Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer from Transylvania. My main hobbies are electronics, playing the guitar,riding bike, fishing, woodworking and crafting all kind of things.

In this instructables I will show you how to turn an ordinary flat screwdriver into spanner slotted screwdriver, with a file(tool).

Step 1: The Idea

The idea for this mini project came with the need of a very unusual type of screwdriver.

Just the other day, I had to repair a child proof power-strip.The plastic covers for the holes were broken,the spring mechanism was also damaged ,but if I can take those out, I can normally use it ,like a regular power-strip.

When I wanted to disassemble it,I saw that very unusual screw. After looking up in Google,I identified it ,as spanner slotted screw-head (correct me,if I am wrong ,I am not 100% sure). I seen once this type of screw on a battery charging unit,it is not common.

I have a lot of tools,all kind of screwdrivers,but here I am with no suitable tool for this. No problem. I make one !

Step 2: Materials

You will need :

1. One regular flat head screwdriver ,that you will turn in spanner slotted screwdriver.

2. Files - I used two small triangular files ,this are really old,over 40 years and still useful.
              - If you don't have this,a regular small square file can do the job

Step 3: How It's Made

I made the pilot line with the smaller file,and I started to file-it down. It is slightly off center,but it turned to be a good tool.

When I made some progress I changed the files,using the other for finishing.

It is enough to use just one file if you don't have any other.

The depth is 1.2 mm.

Step 4: Done

It is done. Screwdriver hack mod is finished.

The time taken to do this job: 5 - 10 min.

Difficulty level: easy project.

Now you can make your own special screwdriver,to unscrew this type of screws.



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    Great suggestion. I used a hacksaw down the middle of the screwdriver blade and made the tool in a few minutes. Worked perfectly.

    a twist on this would be to use the file on the screw instead, removing the security tab so the normal screwdriver would work on it, unmodified.

    2 replies

    But if the screw is deeper in the plastic case? How get out to modify?

    Use a smaller screwdriver...

    Simple to do, and clever !

    A circlip plier can help too but not anytime...

    Good and useful post

    did that to open a toaster!

    Szintén erdélyi magyar vagyok, ügyes instrukció.

    2 replies

    Még iskolás diák vagyok Csíkszeredában és lenne pár kérdésem a villamos mérnöki szakmával kapcsolatban. Egy elérhetőséget tudna adni (e-mail)? Nagyon érdekel az elektronika, fizika, és nem tudom, honnan tudok tanulni.

    very clear instructions and pictures.

    I've done similar things, but I'm not good at setting up for photo's etc.

    1 reply

    Thank you. It is simple,and try to remain simple is the key here. The photos are done by a handy-camcorder and a little color correction. Try posting something simple. Good luck!

    I appreciate your courage to post a simple, interesting and helpful
    hack like this; can be useful for everyone as most of the posts and ideas you
    can see here only can be benefited for people who are having 5-star workshops.

    1 reply

    I've done something very similar to open things that use the "gamebit", such as the Gamecube. Great 'ible!

    1 reply

    I think you forgot something. (:

    its front page material! just because anyone with a brain would know this, doesn't mean the vast majority of the world wont benefit! Im making one right now so can FINALLY get my PS3 taken apart!