Make an easy scuba diver costume!

What You'll Need:
Backpack/Leash/Harness {the animal ones would work fine, too}
Black long sleeved shirt
Black pants/leggings
Silver spray paint
Craft foam
Two 2-liter soda bottles
One 1-liter soda bottle
4-6 scouring pads
1 yard nylon webbing {pink, of course}
Black nylon webbing with plastic buckle {sports section of store}
Black cord keeper tube
Plastic zip ties
**Safety goggles

1. Cut the top section off of the 1-liter soda bottle. Spray paint scouring pads, both 2-liter bottles, and the top of the 1-liter bottle with the silver paint. Let dry COMPLETELY.

2. Remove black nylon from the buckle and replace with the pink nylon {this step can be optional}. Adjust to fit around your child's waist to make the belt. We also attached pink webbing to the straps of the backpack/harness with safety pins to add more color.

3. Roll the scouring pad onto itself, and hot glue. Then attach the rolled pads onto the sides of the belt with hot glue to make the weights.

4. Use the zip ties to attach the 2-liter soda bottles to the backpack. {You can use one bottle instead of two, but we liked the look of two better.} It also helps to use the zip ties to attach the bottles together as well so they won't wiggle all over the place.

5. Cut two long pieces of the cord keeper tube and connect to the "tanks" by hot gluing the tubing to the outer side of each of the 2-liter bottles. Let dry/cool and then connect the other ends to the lid of the 1-liter bottle. You can also cut a hole in the lid of the 1-liter bottle to make a more believable regulator.

6. For fins, I just freehanded the shapes on the craft foam, cut a strip and hot glued it on the back. Then I just put the velcro from her shoes through the loop to keep them on her feet.

7. We just used some swim goggles and a pink headband - which is normally NOT recommended for scuba diving.... but it works for a costume! **We were actually going to use some safety goggles and then add some craft foam around the edge for the mask, but couldn't find any that would be small enough for her to wear.
That is really good! It really looks like little scuba gear :)
That is too cute...

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