Picture of DIY Secret Counter Chair!
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When you want to hide something....what are the aspects you should consider?
Take a step back and think like a burglar!   :-)

1. Where is the most likely place to hide your valuables? your bedroom??? yes..that is the most likely many of you hide there ?? So avoid all likely places!!!

2. The burglar...will not have much do not hide in places he might discover!.... he will start throwing things this way and that way...throwing your clothes off the shelves...checking your shoe boxes...under the bed....under bed side the movies....they will give you some ideas....unless of have a live in thief...or close acquaintance...who knows you...visits you and knows  how to do a slow and  through search when you are not there...perhaps when you ask them to house sit...( this is just an assumption...I'm not accusing your friends and family or telling you to suspect them....just trying to cover all aspects!)

3. Your valuables should not be in a place where he/she can stuff under the later take home and break case it has a lock.

4. It should definitely  have a lock! If  your burglar finds your secret place...why make it easy for them to access it!
It's better to have a lock that is invisible outside... if anyone sees a's the obvious conclusion that all valuables....will be behind lock keys for added security .

5. Your Valuables should not be in place where your parents or spouse or even say your day help might accidentally throw away or give away. Imagine your mom giving away some old stuff of yours....or lets someone borrow a book(which happens to be your secret stash book! oh horrors!

6.'s better to always have a dual purpose for your secret hiding place.  It's something you actually use's in plain's a normal everyday  household item...which nobody will ever suspect...and it's something you can make...without getting outsiders to make ....thereby loosing the secrecy.

Well....have I covered all aspects?? if I haven't please let me know :-)
keeping these ideas in mind..and the fact that some live in rental apartments so you cant break in the wall for in built hidden holes ....I came up with this secret dual purpose furniture.
Hope it helps you all!
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sunshiine1 year ago

You did a great job! Thanks for sharing.


No one would have a clue (unless they read this ible!) :p great work and voted! I really hope you win, best of luck :)

shazni (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

Thanks Muhaiminah :-) Need all the luck...there are so many great instructables....I seriously doubt I'll make it...but no harm in hoping ;-D

This is your first upholstery project? turned out like a pro. Great job shazni.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

Thanks!'s a real upholstery project...technically.. I think it's my tire to ottoman . I see you are posting great new instructables again! super :-) hey...don't forget to vote!

Just did it :). My ibles missing your comments :{)

I love this, it turned out extremely cute :) I wish there were more upholstery projects on Instructables!

shazni (author)  lindarose921 year ago

Thanks! This was my first...It was my learning project...hence all the scrap :-).. I hope to try out more...step by step ;-)

It sounds great, I really look forward to see your next ibles! :)