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Introduction: DIY Self Watering Dog Dish

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Here's an easy way to keep your dogs dish or bowl full of water so he or she won't go thirsty! Recently I was at the hardware store and had a 4" PVC coupler in my hand and had an ah-ha moment! I realized right away how I could make a self watering dog bowl to eliminate my dogs occasional dry water dish. What I came up with was an easy to make self filling dog dish that works flawlessly! It re-purposes a soda bottle, pop bottle, or cola bottle to make this self watering bowl, which is good for the environment, and my dog!

Step 1: A Quick Video

Some can visualize better by watching the video. Good luck with this Instructable!

Step 2: Parts List

All dog bowls are different in size so specific measurements for this instructable aren't necessary. Watch the video at the end to get a better idea.

You'll need:

1) a piece of plywood for the base.

2) a piece of 2x4 for the stand

3) one white 4" PVC coupler (get it at the hardware store)

4) 4 screws.

5) 2 litre pop bottle with "hour glass" shape

6) optional: paint it whatever colour you like!

Step 3: The Base

First, take the piece of plywood and use the 4" PVC coupler to scribe a rounded shape on the front corners. This will keep it feet and dog paw friendly.

Step 4: Cutting the Base

Now use a jig saw to cut the corner pieces. If you don't have a jigsaw, a good sanding will do the trick.

Step 5: Sanding and Smoothing

This step is optional. I used my router with a rounding bit to round out the edges of the 2x4 to give it that store bought pro look.

Step 6: Adding the Base

Now pre drill 2 holes in the base for the 2x4. Use 2 screws to attach the base to the 2x4. You don't have to pre-drill but it makes it easier to assemble.

Step 7: Cutting the Coupler

Next make 2 marks on the coupler about an inch or 26mm apart and cut it out using a hacksaw. Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Step 8: Drilling the Coupler

Make 2 marks and drill the coupler. It's easy to spread the PVC coupler apart a bit to get the drill in there or drill from the back.

Step 9: Attaching the Coupler

We're ready for the last step! Place your dog bowl on the base. Fill the bottle with water and screw the cap on. Now slide the bottle into the PVC coupler upside down making sure the hour glass part of the bottle is seated in the middle of the coupler. Now hold the PVC coupler against the 2x4. The level of the water will be determined by the position of the mouth of the bottle. You can choose to have a low water level or high, whichever you want. Now remove the bottle and screw the PVC coupler to the 2x4 with 2 screws.

Step 10: Your Dog Will Love You!

You're finished! Slide the bottle into the coupler and remove the cap!

Step 11: How to Make a Self Watering Dog Dish

Some can visualize better by watching the video. Good luck with this Instructable!

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Here is a another way to do it.

*a 2-liter bottle

*a foot-long pvc or plastic hose with diameter to fit on mouth of 2-liter bottle; the other end with 45-degree cut (just like a big needle in appearance)

*a bowl - to which the pointed end of the pvc will stand upon; probably needed to secure it in place so it won't be displaced when the pets drink; but removable if needed to clean it.

*a string - to tie the bottle to a post

Because of the foot-long pvc, there would be more headroom for the pets to drink from the bowl.

does it really work ?

It really does work. Its another version of it is a water bottle for chickens.

And the Water Dispenser for Humans

You can see in the video that it actually does.

O OK I did not see the video

With it pushing triple digits temps every day, I ran out and bought 3 4in couplers and 3 sodas for the project. One for dog area, back patio and in the house! My bottles must be a new manufacture batch that are a mm or so too small. They catch if empty but no so much when filled. I added heavy rubber bands between the mount screws to squeeze the PVC. They squeeze enough to hold the bottles. Quick, easy and very effective project. Awesome, thanks.

cool!!!! Im gonna ask my cousin to make it!!!

Great Idea! thanks for sharing. looking for an idea to build a food dispenser for cats pellets.

I think this would work well it you just cut the top of the bottle off at the first curve and placed it close enough to the cat's bowl so it would only run out when there was no other food holding it back. Did that make any sense?

Thank you very much, it does make sense! will try it and let you know