Hey I recently got into RC electronics so I'm starting to put out some i'bles on the subject! Well while I was building my RC plane I came across a little dilemma- I didn't have a servo splitter. I was thinking I'd have to wait another week to get to the hobby shop and buy one and that would cost me money and time. Then I had a bright idea, why buy one when I could make one!?? What I'm trying to replicate is http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/788

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Step 1: Ingredients:

  • 6 pin headers cut in half to make two 3 pin header segments
  • 3 female pin headers or a broken servo end connector
  • Broken servo (for the wire) or 3 wires (however long you need them)
  • Soldering gun and solder
  • Krazy Glue
  • Soldering gun and solder
  • Wire clippers/strippers/cutters
  • Helping Hands
  • Two sizes of heat shrink tubing
  • Lighter or heatgun.
<p>have not made it yet but will be making a few to have on hand! I've been in the situation a few times where I needed one and did not have it. </p>

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