Introduction: DIY | Sharplow | Pencil Shaving Collector

Pencils are great to work with but they do littler the pencil box when you are too lazy to get up and throw the shavings in the dustbin! For that I came up with this shaving collector. you can simply make 4 walls around a sharper but thats not a portable design, hence using bellows!

Step 1:

Lets start by dividing the paper (cartridge paper in the video) into even parts, the number of the divisions is upto you, how tall you want it, how thick you want it. Divide it in even number. Here I have divided it into 8 equal parts.

Step 2:

Now bend it around the sharper in order to get its dimensions.

Step 3:

Once done with that, reverse all the folds a couple of times so that they can be bend anyhow without any difficulty in the next step, use some sort of weight/ hammer to get nice crisp folds.

Step 4:

Cut the access overlapping paper.

Step 5:

Now is the tricky part that is making the bellows, bellows are made by using the reverse folding technique, it might be difficult to do at first time. but once you get a hold on to it, its real easy. just remember if a fold is a mountain fold (rising up )then the next fold will be a valley fold (going down).

Step 6:

After doing so you need to join the ends together, make some slits in one of the ends and insert the other end into the first one and glue it. glue all the lose parts as well.

Step 7:

To make the base you can use any stiff material such as cardboard, mount board, sun board, trace the shape on it, cut it, glue it. in the middle make a small depression for the sharper to sit in, you can skip the is set but it wont be that strong if you glued it directly

Step 8:

After gluing the sharper to the board, glue that to the bellow and make a hole for the pencil inlet.

Step 9:

Use a piece of tape to provide more strength to the hole. To make the top you can use any material even tape.

Thats it! You can now enjoy sketching, drawing without worrying about the lead shavings, wood shavings laying around or in your pencil box! Hit like, share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe! New videos coming every Tuesday so stay tuned!This is Suvansh, thanks for watching see you next time!