Today i am going to teach you how to make a side saddle style shotgun shell holder. This design can hold up to 6shells. However changes/modifications can easily be made to suit your specific needs. I take no credit for This as if is not my original idea. All credit goes a gentleman on youtube. (Sorry i forgot his name). Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you are going to need: -1drill or drill press w/various sized drillbits -roughly 2 feet of 3/4in schedule 40 pvc pipe. -some sort of saw/cutting device. (I used a handsaw) -sandpaper or a file -hot glue gun -something to act as a backstop for the shell holders to attach too. You could use plastic, light metal, a cutting board. anything hard flat really. (I used a piece of 1/8th in thick lexan plexiglass) -a shotgun shell - 6 (or more) small screws. - an oven w/ oven safe plate, like a cookie tray. -safety glasses -time and patience. -velcro - paint (Optional)

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