This DIY Shutter Towel Rack is an easy project to complete in a few hours. We used two garage sale find house plastic shutters and added some garden hooks and created some nice wall storage for our bathroom towels.  

This DIY Shutter Towel Rack is in our upstairs bathroom, which is primarily used as a guest bathroom.  We wanted a decorative but functional way to display and store bathroom towels, especially since the bathroom lacks some storage space.  

I decided I would make a piece that could be displayed as a wall hanging, but it would also double as a towel rack for our guests.  The result was functional and easy to build DIY Shutter towel rack that also looks wonderful!

Step 1: Materials to Build the DIY Shutter Towel Rack

To build the DIY Shutter Towel Rack you will need these materials:
-          Two plastic house shutters

-          Spray paint

-          8 big gardening hooks

-          Screw driver

-          Screws

-          Drill

-          2 pieces of 1X2

-          Nuts and bolts

-          Level
That is so cool & original! I love it! Great way to upcycle too!

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