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In sometimes, sailors or air traffic controller will use light signal to communicate with another ship or aircraft by signal light gun. This project is DIY a signal light gun for Morse code or ground to air light signal training. You can select the red, green or white colour light signal by selector and transmitting by trigger.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials & Tools

The materials & tools I used are listed in following:


Empty can X 1

Strip board X 1

Binder clip X 1

Power Putty X 1

AAA battery holder X 1

Micro switch with level X 1

Rotary selector switch X1

Cable tie X 2

AAA battery X3

LED light bulb with holder X3 (Green, Red & White)

Jumper wires

Heat shrink tube


Wire cutter

Soldering iron


Super glue

Step 2: ​Step 2: Barrel

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1. Soldering the wires and LED light bulbs, reserve enough wires for wring between bulbs and strip board.

2. Drilling a small hole at the bottom of empty can and fix the bulbs with Power Putty

3. Let the wires through the hole, I recommend that heat shrink tubing the wires after wiring to protect the wires and make it tidy.

Step 3: Step 3: Circuit Board

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1. According the circuit diagram, soldering and wiring the micro switch, rotary selector switch & battery holder on the strip board.

2. The strip board is the grip of your gun, and micro switch is the trigger.

Step 4: ​Step 4: Assembly

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1. Clamp the circuit board by binder clip and fix these with Power Putty, the binder clip will become a “Barrel Holder”.

2. Mount and tie the Barrel on the barrel holder

3. Connecting the wires between circuit board & bulbs

Step 5: ​Step 5: Testing

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Insert battery, select the light colour by rotary switch and transmit your message by micro switch!


bneenb (author)2016-03-30


Cool project!

You should add some series resistors in front of the LEDs to protect them from dying. ;)

Dr.Bill (author)bneenb2016-04-12

I find flashing an LED does not cook them. They are on for so short a time they don't have time to heat up and cook.

78themaddest (author)bneenb2016-03-30


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