Introduction: DIY Simple Hot Gluegun

Picture of DIY Simple Hot Gluegun

HERE is a coool gluegun

I will say you about how it works...?

I used heating element of mosquito vaporizer as a melter for hotglue

I choosed good knight active plus vaporizer

Step 1: Materials Required:

Picture of Materials Required:
  • mosquito vaporizer heating element
  • pvc pipe
  • small piece of aluminium sheet
  • wires
  • screws
  • flexible aluminium wire (image sown above)
  • cardboard sheet
  • furniture bush
  • etc

Step 2: Setting Up of Heating Element......

Picture of Setting Up of Heating Element......
  • insert heating element in PVC pipe
  • connect wires
  • tight element with screws to the body
  • turn aluminuim sheet like a con
  • And solder joint
  • Then attach it to heating element
  • take a PVC pipe correct to diameter of hole of heating element

NOW its time to attach switch

  • the best way is to take the vaporizer's switch
  • I took that
  • Attach switch by making hole on body

NEXT is to make a handle,

For that make a hole

Step 3: Making of Handle....

Picture of Making of Handle....

For handle ;

  • insert screw in the handle hole
  • insert a bush (like above)
  • take a card board
  • cut it as a circle in diameter correct to of handle pvc pipe

next step to prepare handle,

  • take a pvc pipe
  • cut it a 20degree slanted position
  • take another cardboard
  • And cover pvc pipe

Step 4: Attaching Handle and Stand

Picture of Attaching Handle and Stand

  1. Attach handle to body with screw
  2. take thick wire and bend it like a stand
  3. attach it to body by making hole
  4. Then glue gun look like this.......

Step 5: Finishing of Project....

Picture of Finishing of Project....
  1. take a Cardboard piece
  2. cover backside of hot gluegun like pic above

FINISH the project.....


thank you.....

this is my first instructable...


faisalandsiyad (author)2017-03-20

I am faisal mullampara.....this work is great...

faisalandsiyad (author)2017-03-19

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i added my friend to my account for improving

mechari (author)2017-03-16

Very good........
This project is better than others...........
I loved it.....

sanad dued (author)2017-03-16

I am searching for a hot glue gun like this till now...
NOW. I got a simple hot glue gun ideaidea
Its cool:)

muhammedsajadsdpalayi (author)2017-03-16

so awesome ....

I never seen like this my life

faisalandsiyad (author)2017-03-16

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Swansong (author)2017-03-15

Neat project :)

faisalandsiyad (author)Swansong2017-03-16

thankzz sir...

this is my first project

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