DIY Simple Solder Paste Micro-dot Dispenser




Introduction: DIY Simple Solder Paste Micro-dot Dispenser

Precisely dispense the smallest amount of solder paste

The main thing that goes wrong with soldering surface-mounted devices is the excess of solder. Fine-pitch packages easy lead to solder bridges, unless you are able to dispense a minimal amount of solder paste.

Solder paste dispensers often use pneumatics or a motor drive with electronics, but I wondered: can it be made simpler? So I invented this hand-tool, henceforth called the Albert solder paste dispenser.

The tool is easy to handle and you can precisely dispense the smallest amount of solder paste. After the components have been placed, you can solder the board as you like, with a reflow oven or hot air.

Build it

To build the dispenser, we just need a 1mL injection syringe, a wooden stirrer, a glue gun and strong yarn. Drill 1.5mm holes in the wooden stirrer for the yarn. Mount the yarn and glue everything together with a glue gun, the picture explains everything.

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