Step 5: The final result

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Now you have a single use packet of antibiotic ointment that you can carry with you as part of your UL backpacking first aid kit. These are also perfect for EDC carry in a pocket or even your wallet.

I've yet to have one of these burst or fail on me. Simple, affordable, and very convenient. A great way to make use of those open tubes that are lying around with just a small amount of ointment left in them. Pretty clever idea that can be used for a myriad other purposes, what do you think? [Re-published from Brian's Backpacking Blog]
bpfh2 years ago
Excellent idea :) Be careful when heating the end not to melt the straw on the other side of the pliers though !
You know what this would also be good for? Holding pills in a tamper-evident, low-volume way. If they're large pills, you could find those large straws they sometimes use for milkshakes.
ejarrell3 years ago
This is my favorite instructable ever. I've always gone hiking with groups, so I've never need my own first aid kit, but this helped relieve a lot of the anxiety of putting the kit together and keeping it UL. I made some of these with triple A and hydrocortisone. I don't like to spend money, especially not more money for the same thing but smaller. Thank you thank you thank you.
Papillon93 years ago
Thanks! Great idea, I think for keeping some sugar on hand these will be awesome.
jsawyer3 years ago
Brilliant! Made some with antibiotic ointment, and hydrocortisone cream. Rebuilt my first aid kit!

I had a heck of a time getting the ointment to stay out of the seam, but they are holding.

bfgreen (author)  jsawyer3 years ago
Yeah the trick is to not overfill the straw and use the pliers to push it back as much as you can. Also note that you will find it very hard to make these without a small air bubble at either end. Give the ointment some room to move and that will help. A little practice and you'll figure it out. Glad it was useful for you.
Airth3 years ago
I recently posted my EDC, and included your idea! Don't worry, I was sure to give credit where do :)

Here's the link to mine:


Airth3 years ago
Great idea! I'll certainly be including these on my EDC kit and bug out bags--thanks!
bfgreen (author)  Airth3 years ago
I keep these in my bug-out-bug too. Not just antibiotic ointment but several other types too. I also usually EDC 2-3 of these with me on my person having small kids around :)
usarswagg3 years ago
FANTASTIC! I will def be adding this to my pack. Thanks!
bfgreen (author)  usarswagg3 years ago
You're welcome. If you come up with any variations or clever tweaks be sure to let us all know! :)