DIY Slashpipe/Powertube





Introduction: DIY Slashpipe/Powertube

You need a pipe (7,5cm in diameter), two plugs, a part that connects to the end where one of the plugs does not fit on the pipe and last but not least PVC-glue.
I figured out that a 1m pipe is too short, 2m is good but not handy so I chose 1,5m.
Use the glue like it's describe on the instruction for the first plug. Fill the pipe half with water. Close the second end with the second plug and glue.
(You also can experiment with the amount of water you use but be careful if you don't want to glue the plugs the water might push it out)
Done. Slashpipe/Powertube for 20$ instead of 200$ ;-)



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    You don't need to glue that. The rubber fittings are water tight. Just use a bit of soap or detergent (if you don't happen to just have built a house and left some of the slimy paste which is sold in tubes) to slide all parts to fit together.

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    It is indeed water tight and nothing would happen unless you use it. But then the pressure of the moving water will push out the plug after some time. That's what I experienced.

    Yes, you are right. Usually the tubes are not under pressure. I guess that if you mount a valve in one of the caps and create a bit of under-pressure, that might solve the issue. Just how to create under-pressure with household tools?

    backichmg ->

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    Wow. 140€ for an acrylic pipe filled with blue water. Great marketing. Or - just marketing.

    It's a kind of barbell half filled with water so that it flows back and forth. And because of that you need to stabilize your body all the time. It's a good training for your inter-muscular strength, stabilization and strength-endurance.

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    What's it for?

    This is a great money saver!