Picture of DIY Sleeveless Button Down Shirt
One of my favorite trends this summer is the sleeveless button down shirt, especially when tied in a cute little knot. I almost bought one today, but when I saw that it was going to cost me around $50, my self-control kicked in (rare when shopping...) and I put it back on the rack. I asked myself a question any "normal" fashion obsessed broke twenty-something year old would ask themselves:
Why spend $50+ when I can make my own???

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. A button-down shirt
2. Scissors
3. Needle & Thread (optional)
4. Buttons (optional)

Step 2: Cut Away!

Picture of Cut Away!
Step1-cutoff sleevless shirt.JPG
Lay the shirt flat and start cutting along the seams.
(When cutting the left sleeve, cut to the left of the seam, etc.)
Do not cut the front and back at the same time or it won't be even.

Step 3: Remove old buttons (optional)

Picture of Remove old buttons (optional)
If you want to jazz up your shirt even more, try switching up the buttons!
First, snip off the old buttons. Make sure you snip just the thread and not the shirt!

Step 4: Add new buttons (optional)

Picture of Add new buttons (optional)
Step3-new buttons.JPG
Sew on new buttons.
For more detailed instructions, see my DIY Fun with Buttons post .

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
DIY Sleevless Button-down shirt.jpg
That is an adorable sleeveless shirt! I especially love the buttons and collar. Great job on the armholes, too! I have a white sleeveless button-down stretch shirt (95% polyester, 5% spandex) that I love to wear tucked into my navy blue pleated slacks with a nice belt. There's nothing better and sexier than wearing a sleeveless button-down shirt with a collar to show off my big, soft shoulders!
kingmii3 years ago
do you think a boy could where this?
I wish I was a big producer and could say "hire her, she's going to be America's next hollywood sweetheart"

I love it
taransa3 years ago
Using a seam ripper, if you have one, is a bit easier to remove buttons and not cut into the shirt. Or embroidery/nail scissors, since they are smaller :)
chabias3 years ago
Very cute! I'm about to swipe some of Mr's shirts to make me some nice summer tops. This is a bit different from the "git-r-done" look my son likes. He BUYS new shirts just to chop the sleeves off! Going to dig through my stash of old buttons right now!
Carleyy3 years ago
Awesome project!!
sanjay1173 years ago
dear !
you are very beautiful and lucky1
if woman here in india wear such a shirt, her life would be horrible
i respect america for such a freedom!
buck up!
very nice!