Step 4: Add New Buttons (optional)

Sew on new buttons.
For more detailed instructions, see my DIY Fun with Buttons post .
That is an adorable sleeveless shirt! I especially love the buttons and collar. Great job on the armholes, too! I have a white sleeveless button-down stretch shirt (95% polyester, 5% spandex) that I love to wear tucked into my navy blue pleated slacks with a nice belt. There's nothing better and sexier than wearing a sleeveless button-down shirt with a collar to show off my big, soft shoulders!
do you think a boy could where this?
I wish I was a big producer and could say &quot;hire her, she's going to be America's next hollywood sweetheart&quot;<br><br>I love it
Using a seam ripper, if you have one, is a bit easier to remove buttons and not cut into the shirt. Or embroidery/nail scissors, since they are smaller :)
Very cute! I'm about to swipe some of Mr's shirts to make me some nice summer tops. This is a bit different from the &quot;git-r-done&quot; look my son likes. He BUYS new shirts just to chop the sleeves off! Going to dig through my stash of old buttons right now!
Awesome project!!
dear ! <br>you are very beautiful and lucky1 <br>if woman here in india wear such a shirt, her life would be horrible <br>i respect america for such a freedom! <br>buck up! <br>very nice!

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