Smart doorbells are an amazing tool but still an expensive one (~$200)! Today in this Instructables, we propose to help you build your own smart home doorbell for less than $40.

We will guide you through the basic core steps to build the doorbell with simple components and no need for coding or manual skills. If you’re passionate about woodwork and/or 3D printing, you can of course go further and give your doorbell a beautiful case (if you do so please share with us!). For the sake of simplicity, we will keep our explanations to the “raw” version of the doorbell.


With this Instructables, you will be able to create a doorbell that can:

  • Warn you when someone rings it (duh!) on your smartphone
  • Use your house/office lights as a visual notification tool
  • Send you a picture of your guest on your smartphone
  • Allow you to open the door remotely

All this without any special tech knowledge and no expensive equipment!

This Instructable can be great for you if you are:

  • A tech enthusiast, eager to learn more about the IoT/smart home world
  • An experienced home automation maker who wants to add new and fun features to their house and make it even more automated
  • A disabled person or a relative: IoT devices are great for people with limited mobility. We receive every day feedbacks from our products’ users who are able to remotely trigger health care equipment, automate household tasks or start unreachable appliances and we’re immensely proud that our work can slightly improve their daily lives.
  • Someone passionate about DIY projects who doesn’t know much about tech yet
  • Or simply a lazy person!

We hope you’ll find this instructable as accessible and fun as we do!


  • Raspberry Pi 2, 3 ($20~$35) // for RPi 2, you will need Bluetooth & WiFi dongles
  • 8Gb SD card ($6)
  • GPIO breadboard + wires ($5)
  • 1 GPIO button
  • An old webcam

Optional: Philips Hue bulb (link), MicroBot Push ( link)

The entire installation should take less than 1 hour.

<p>Voted ! </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>write by python language ?</p>
<p>Hi!<br>No need to write any code! Simply burn your sd card with our Prota OS that you can find here <a href="https://prota.info/prota/pi/">https://prota.info/prota/pi/</a><br>There is also on this same page a guide that you can follow for a step-by-step guidance on the setup.</p><p>Best regards!</p>
Prota is not booting, using Pi2
<p>Hi Ranjith<br>Were you able to burn the sd card properly? There is a guide you can follow here to help you with the setup <a href="http://docs.prota.info/101-prota-pi/">http://docs.prota.info/101-prota-pi/</a><br>If you have any more trouble don't hesitate to contact us via a support ticket (<a>https://support.prota.info/hc/en-us/requests/new</a>), we'll be happy to assist you!<br><br>Best regards</p>
<p>Great project. Thank you for sharing.</p>

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