Days ago we share our first smart house project, Personal Voice Assistant.

Here share our new smart hourse project, make a humidifier, chich can connect to the Internet so that you can control it on the cloud. Let see what can it do! I bet you will add this IoT humidifier to your home automation after reading our tutorial.


  • Auto humidification: IoT humidifier will start to spay when it detects the humidity in the air is lower than setting;
  • Manual humidification: Press the button to start humidification;
  • Remoto humidification: Start humidification in the cloud when you are far away from the humidifier;
  • Data record: All the data will be sent to the cloud to store, and you can visit your data by using the view option.

In this tutorial, we will lead you to DIY this IoT humidifier!

<p>I don't see the 3D printer STL file for the cover, could you please provide it?</p>
<p>Atomization does not work with scents, the water vaporizes due to high frequency applied on it, but the essence oils and are heavier believe they would have a different frequency so that your molecules evaporate.</p>
I have used this humidifier, try to add essential oils to spray, the results do not work......

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