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Introduction: DIY Smartphone Notification Lamp

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So many gadgets for your smartphone, but it's not cheap for you buy it. So now i will show you how to make unique gadget for your smartphone for cheap and under 30 minutes to make it. I will make Smartphone notification lamp because its so useful when i have new notification or any new message and this gadgets can use as flashlight.

Let's Make It!!

Step 1: Tools and Materials You Will Need


  • Old audio jacks (Use 3.5 mm jack)
  • 1 Low voltage LED (Use the low voltage led for best result)


  • Soldering iron
  • Hot glue gun / any glue for make the case

Step 2: Open the Case

Take the audio jack and open the case slowly, Don't broken the inside.

Step 3: Search the Output Voltage

  • Take your smartphone
  • Plug in the audio jack
  • Listen any music on your smartphone and set the volume full.
  • Paste the led and search the positive and negative output
  • And its look like image 4 and 5

Step 4: Solder It!

Take your soldering iron and solder it slowly. After that its look like image.

Step 5: Make the Case

Make the case for looking best. I use hot glue to make the case like image.But you can use anything for make the case. And cover it using heat shrink tubing or anything. I use white tape to cover it.

Step 6: Finish

  • Plug in this gadget to your smartphone
  • Set the audio volume on your smartphone full
  • And if you get new Notification or new message, the led will on
  • To see how it works, watch the video

Step 7: Thanks

All finish, I hope you enjoy this. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and vote me :)

Sorry for my bad english.




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not a bad idea. I wonder if it could be done with an rgb led

Does this light work on Iphones, I noticed you have a samsung and when I assembled mine, the LED never lights(polarity is correct and wiring is correct) And when tested the jack should drive enought power to light the LED (I tested a 1W 8Ohm speaker which worked on the jack.) But the LED never lights even when I know the jack is working. I also tried multiple LEDS.

I have an iPhone SE.

Nice thinking! If you use a headphone splitter you can still use your headphones while getting LED notifications.

This would be great to bring to the library!

It doesn't work. Can't even strip the plug !

mantap gan...

Maybe a stupid question. Do you plug out when you answer the call? I think speaker and microphone will be off when it is plugged in.

No. you can loudspeaker your call

I suspect this will only work if you have some kind of notification sound enabled with enough energy to light the LED. For instance the Pop on my droid probably won't work.