DIY Smores Wedding Favors! Yum!


Introduction: DIY Smores Wedding Favors! Yum!

This is such a delicious, simple to put together, wedding favor that I did for my wedding.  My guests loved it!  I came up with it because it was DIY, it was cheap, and I loved that it was interactive.  I had a great time putting  them together with my soon-to-be family and it ended up so much better than spending $5 a person for a couple of chocolates.

What you need:
Cello Bags
Tea Lights
Graham Crackers ( I really love the Trader Joe's Brand)
Mini Hershey's Bars or chocolate of your choice
String or ribbon

Place Graham cracker in first and then layer in the rest of the items on top.  Tie with string or ribbon and you are done!

Overall, I spent less than $1 per favor.  Can't beat that for such an awesome favor!

Photo by Ken Kienow

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    Very cool, and maybe you could add a mini skewer?

    I thought the idea was really great for a wedding. Something different. The cute scrabble sign was a nice touch. :)