DIY Snow Globe





Introduction: DIY Snow Globe

This is a perfect to give to children or for children to make for family and friends.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials Needed

  • Plastic Globe (Found them at Michaels for $6 and used a coupon)
  • Glitter or fake snow
  • Figures to put inside
  • Glycerin (opitional)
  • Water
  • E6000 Glue

Gather all of your materials and decide how you would like the arrangement to be. Then use glue to secure them in place. Let is sit over night.

Step 2: Fill Your Globe

Put water, glycerin and glitter in the top part of your globe. Find a place to sit it upright.

Step 3: Preparing Your Pieces

Rub a thin layer of glue around the part of the lid with your figures, then place it into the clear part of the globe. Now add more glue to the outer edge where the two parts meet, let that sit for at least 12 hours or overnight.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When everything is dry screw on outside cap, shake and enjoy. Thank you.



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    what kind of glycerin am I supposed to buy

    It is the type used for skin protection. You can find it for around $5 at drug stores or Walmart around the pharmacy section.

    how much glycerin do I use?

    I would say under 2 tablespoons. I used a tablespoon for mine.

    Hi! Just wanted to say that you have made nice snow glows. Easy to make.
    But if a person does not have the extra money for buying a big globe like that at walmart, you can use baby food jars or mason jars. The difference (besides size) would be that you would glue your scene to the inside of the lid, make sure they dry well, then place a small amount of E6000 glue around the inside of the rim of the lid and then quickly place the lid on let it sit for about a minute then turn up jar upside down and you have your snow globe.
    Another thing that is cute and kids love is if you buy or make a blank sign small enough to fit into the jar, paint or write the child's name on it (with out door paint or permanent marker in the child's favourite colour) and glue it to stand up in the jar as part of the scene.

    Hey, Yes we have made them with mason jars before. I bought these containers because the were on sale and I liked the fact that they are plastic, we had a mishap with the mason jar, haha. I do love the idea of the sign, thank you :)

    Thank you for the really nice snowglobe idea. I like how yours reflect the scene inside so well.
    And thank you for your reply to my earlier comment. I like the idea of plastic globes. It is so much safer for the kids. :)

    That look very nice :)

    Just one question, what is the glycerin for?

    It helps to keep the glitter from falling straight to the bottom. It makes it fall slowly, like snow. It is not needed.