Picture of DIY Snowboard Fingerboard
Transform a cheap skateboard fingerboard into a snowboard for just a few dollars!
Perfect for all ages! This is a fast, fun project to make the most of a snowy winter day.

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
Here's what you'll need:

- A cheap fingerboard skateboard.  (This particular board came in a pack of 5 from Big Lots.)
- Velcro tabs
- Crayon
- One-Size Fits all Fabric gloves

Additional tools that you may need:
pliers, sandpaper, sharpie marker, food coloring, water bottle

Step 2: Remove the chucks and wheels

Picture of Remove the chucks and wheels
These cheap brand fingerboards are nice because the chucks come off very easily.  
Remove the chucks from your board and if you'd like you can also remove the sticker.
TechDeck brand board may work, but you'll need to remove the sandpaper tops or use hot glue to attach the velcro.  

Step 3: Sand the bottom of the board

Picture of Sand the bottom of the board
Next, you'll want to sand the bottom of the board.  
Use a rough grit sandpaper and then a lighter grit (or SOS pad) to create a smooth finish on the bottom of the board.

Step 4: Apply velcro strips

Picture of Apply velcro strips
You'll want to be sure to apply the stiff side of the velcro. You can test this because it'll stick to the gloves.

During this time, (and before waxing the bottom of the board) you can customize your board with a sharpie marker.  Feel free to customize both the top and the bottom of the board! 

Step 5: Wax the board

Picture of Wax the board
Using a crayon, wax the bottom of the board.  
If you'd like to customize your board with a sharpie marker, you'll want to do that before you apply the wax.

Step 6: Get some gloves

Picture of Get some gloves
Grab a pair of one-size fits all gloves.  The fabric gloves should stick to the velcro.
If you'd like to use different gloves you can apply the other side of the sticker velcro to gloves of your choice.

Step 7: Make your track

Picture of Make your track
If you want to add to the fun, put some food coloring into a water bottle and poke a hole in the bottle to squirt some lines in the snow to create your snowboard track!
knuckleboy1 year ago

It's kinda adorable, I liked it.

This is absolutely adorable. When I have kids I am definitely doing this :D