DIY Snowman | Stop Car Windows Steaming Up





Introduction: DIY Snowman | Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

I show you how to make a Snowman with a Sock, they stop Car Windows from Steaming up and low the interior Humidity.
You can make to Gift someone you like, its Useful, Nice and Free. ;D

Step 1: Take a Sock and Cut Like This

Step 2: Fill With Litter Sand

Step 3: Make One Knot to Close Upside

Step 4: And a Knot in the Middle, Not Full Tight Just to Make the Form

Step 5: Cut This Part and Make a Knot by the Side You Cut

Step 6: Put This in the Head

Step 7: 2 Bottons With Glue

Step 8: A Pretty Scarf

Step 9: And What You Have for Eyes and Nose

I use the end of a orange string for the nose, and two screws for the eyes in this one.

Step 10: Hope You Like It, Merry Christmas :)



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    Do you rub the windows with it to remove condensation or does it just sit on the dash and reduce the humidity which prevents foggy Windows?

    Just sit where you want an they reduce the humidity.

    In the dash can be dangerous when you are driving, so be careful.