Introduction: DIY Soft Box for Flash Strobe

Picture of DIY Soft Box for Flash Strobe

This one is an EZ on yet the results where magnificent !

You will need :
- Card board
- White Plastic Shee
- Gaffer Tape
- Aluminium Tape
-Velcro Tape

Step 1: Cardboard

Picture of Cardboard

Cut the card board like in the photo, the size depends on the flash / strobe you have and the size of the softbox you want, however you should consider the overall weight and make sure the angle of the peaces is the same so they could connect together and form the box

Step 2: Sticking It Together

Picture of Sticking It Together

Tape it using the gaffer tape to form the box, leave the square at the narrow end free.
Cover the cardboard endings to make it more durable.

Step 3: Reflector

Picture of Reflector

Cover the inside with the aluminium tape to form a reflector

Step 4: Connection

Picture of Connection

Stick one side of the Velcro tape to the narrow ending of the softbox, where the flash / strobe would be.
the other side goes on the flash / strobe.

Step 5: Softening Plastic Sheet

Picture of Softening Plastic Sheet

Make a slot along the endings of the box where the plastics sheet sits and thread the plastic sheet through

Step 6: Mount

That is it !
Mount it on the flash / strobe using the velcro to secure it and take grate photos.


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