Step 5: Trim and Rivet

Once i had all 4 sides done, i went back over it on one side with a full width of duct tape to finish it off and make it look good.

The next step was to put gromments in each corner with my trusty tool kit. The kit includes everything but the hammer

Finished with the front panel. My theory here is that the gromments are going to hold dowels coming out of the tent poles and keep everything square.
This is really nice. Thanks for sharing this!
Nice idea. Looks like it came out pretty well. I wonder if the duct tape will come apart over time with stress of the poles though. Thanks for sharing!
if its good enough to go to space and patch holes in the space station its good enough for me! duct tape is mans greatest invention.
How do you pronounce "$40 bucks"? Is it "forty dollars-bucks", or is it "forty bucks-bucks"?
"Dollars forty bucks" obviously. Cut the monster some slack, there are worse things in the world than being part of the department of redundancy department.
hey , great help with posting this DIY . I have to make a softbox for a school project and i stay in Dubai and was wondering where exactly i can get the flood light kit , it would be really kind of you to post a link . Thanks in advance
whats the name of the fabric you used?<br /> Thanks!<br />
Great idea! Would definitely want to add some heat resistant fabric on the inside. Instead of&nbsp; the flood light maybe keep the housing and attach a thermoset medium base clete socket - then use a E-27 adapter to use with&nbsp; g-6.3 or g-5.3 two pin halogen type bulbs. Then you could use Ushio DVY 650 watt Halogen Lamp. Also, instead of the &quot;white fabric&quot; you could use Lee 434 quarter grid or Lee 432 LIght Grid Cloth or Lee 430 Grid cloth. Attach velcro to your filter and your box so you can easily switch out the diffusion. All these items can be purchased online at filmtools or look for a cheaper option else where online. Might be difficult to find cuts of the diffusion but would be well worth it!<br />
I noticed when i was in Canaidan tire that when they sell tents, they have little tiny models of them, about the same size as yours, if you could get ahold of one, and put in a new bottom, you'd have a softbox, i guess
&nbsp;AWESOME! Hegeiehog, you gave me a great idea! You can get small tents for kids at IKEA that would be perfect for this! PERFECT! &nbsp;FWIW I have a Ible on a much more work but brighter softbox <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Large-Photography-soft-box-on-the-cheap/" rel="nofollow">here&nbsp;</a>
Check Step 5, 'next step to put gromments in each corner'; Step 6,'the dowls through each of the gromments and then . . . ';Step 8, two more 'gromments'. Sorry, but they so tend to distract from your presentation I felt someone should mention it.
Nice idea -- detailed steps, however, Y not use a deevise kalled spelchek? Aside from the typo's, what about e.g. 'dowls', 'chord'and'gromments'?
What's a gromment? I don't see that anywhere in my instructions.
Great idea! Have you thought about attaching your light to some kind of tri-pod?
How'd your shots come out? If your head shots look good, then this thing works fine. I do agree that the 300W lightbulb may be a fire hazard, but just don't leave it on for long periods of time - you may have some problems with browning on your diffusing material.
The pictures didn't turn out too bad, but I opted to buy a softbox anyway because of the light leak and better diffusion material. Unfortunately, I dont have any pics because my laptop crashed and took them all with..
I also wanted to see how the photos came out. I would like to see what effect this causes on photos.
what about an emergency blanket? on the inside? so it would bounce off more light and not catch on fire? not sure if emergency blankets catch on fire though. just a thought.
looks really cool but i wouldnt leave it on when ur gone and keep a bucket of water by your bed lol i would suggest either addapting it to a bunch of bright white LED's or puting one of those flouresent bulbs that go in normal sockets in cause both of those create much less light than an incondesent
Hmm, good idea. Those twirly fluorescent bulbs make a whiter light, maybe that's what you'd want.
good job i like it. Nice to know people around here just want to hate on you. :(
I applaud your efforts, but there's a lot more to a softbox than simply stowing a light behind a diffusion panel. A run of the mill softbox is generally parabolic in shape. Your design, even with reflective backing, won't efficiently use all of the light your pumping out of that 300W bulb. Not that efficiency is your primary goal... still, you'd get essentially the same effect (with a lot less ghetto factor) if you simply positioned a difussion panel in front of a bare bulb. Heck, if you made your panel larger, the effect would probably be even better.
EXTREME FIRE HAZZARD!!!! and with that said, you want to go to a craft or costume store and purchase metalic fire-resistant cloth. This will not only help you not start a fire during your photo shoot, it will reflect all the light out the front for a true diffusion effect.
I've had it on for more than 3 hours at a time now and I've had no heat issues with it. I'm using a 300 W incadecent bulb, so it generates some heat, but the cloth stays cool due to the window at the rear. also, I plan on using a car window reflector to cover the inside.

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