Picture of DIY Solar Oven
Spring is coming!  And with it, comes the sun!  Want to use that solar power to save some energy, money, and have fun?  Well, here's how...

  • Recycled Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic Wrap
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Step 1:

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First, you will need to cut a rectanglular flap in the top of your box and fold it back.

Step 2:

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Then, line the bottom and the flap of your box with the foil.

Step 3:

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Next, tape plastic wrap over the hole you cut.  (Be sure to pull it tight and secure it firmly.)

Step 4:

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Now, open the top of your box and insert whatever you would like to cook.

Step 5:

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Finally, sit your meal out in the sun to cook and enjoy!
Svyatulka1 year ago

Great idea! Thank you!

sclausson1 year ago

Was that grilled cheese sandwich cooked in that oven? FYI I make paper solar cookers that can cook and reach 450F. Make sure the kids know it is just a warmer. Let them know food poisoning results from holding food at the wrong temperature - too long.

Nice instructable, clear directions.

Maxim J made it!1 year ago

Now I'm waiting for the sun to test my "pocket oven"...

15022014085.jpg15022014086.jpgPrint_05 15-Feb-14 23.52.26.jpgPrint_06 15-Feb-14 23.52.44.jpg
zikzak11 year ago
I see this drying the bread out, not toasting it like the bread in youre pic... even if the aluminum foil was wrinkle frre so you could reflect the sun better. Sorry, not trying to be a downer.
Nik727 (author)  zikzak11 year ago

It is better for melting the cheese...Try it with pizza!

Fantastic! I love it! Will defiantly make this
Nik727 (author)  CommanderCookie1 year ago

Kids love it too. I did it with a group of K-6th graders at a daycare, and it entertained them all!