Do-it-yourself Marquee sign!
Nothing quite as awesome as a vintage style arrow in comic book red!

This was a super fun project to do with my
11 year old scout in just a few hours!

Step 1: Gather the Inspiration!

I have wanted a marquee sign for a long time...but they are very pricey!
I found one I liked for over $200.

I knew I could make one myself...but didn't want a sign I had to plug in...
or find wall space for...or deal with cords and plugs.

Then I discovered Solar Power lights!  Yay!
The perfect outdoor feature!

So that was my only cost in this project, about $20.

Here's what you'll need:
You'll need plywood...in your desired shape and size
String of lights (you could even use Christmas lights or any string lights)

And tools...table saw/jigsaw and drill with bits
OOH this has sparked some ideas! Nicely done!
Very cool. Great job!
Love the idea!

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