Picture of DIY Solar Powered BirdBath Fountain
This is how i made a solar powered birdbath fountain out of stuff i found laying around the garage.
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ok this is made from just some stuff i had in my garage im sure there are better ways of going about this but it didn't cost me anything i didnt already have.

Drill with cement mixer attachment
drill bit for stone 1/4 inch

Big garbage can
Some kind of water proof fabric (this was a bag for something that blew into my yard)
Three  5 gallon buckets
1/2 bag cement
1/2 bag of grout
1/2 bag of quickset
some flat rocks
a piller
a small statue
a solar powered fountain punp
steel mesh / zip tie

Step 2: Step One: What i had laying around

Picture of Step One: What i had laying around
Ok i had a cement pillar that once had a bowl for a bird bath so i made a new bowl for it, but can be made by making a mold with some tubes and filling it cement.
  I also had this little statue laying in the garden so i used that too.
 the fabric you need just needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the stones and cement, this was a bag of something that blew into my yard during a storm.
 Then i knew i didnt have enough cement to do this so i mixed it with some quickset and then thicken it it with grout, its probably better to just use finisher cement or maybe just the quickset, it did work out but is pretty brittle.