Step 5: Soldering the Tab Wire to the Cells.

This is where all that Soldering practice will pay big dividends.

Depending on the cells you've bought and the type of panel you're building you may need to solder Tab wire to the Front, the Back or both.

Front busses take more work so I like to do them first. UnfortunatelyI don't have any pics of the process.

Ok....your Irons hot so lets go!
Apply a small amount of flux (with your Resin Flux Pen) along the length of each front Bus.
Starting at one end heat the bus and apply a small amount of solder as flat as you can along it's length.
Place the Tab Wire over the solder and hold it down at the end with your Iron.
Apply a small amount of solder to the Tab Wire where the Iron touches it. As the solder underneath melts move the iron along the Bus applying a little solder as you go.
The Tab should be attached all along the Bus for best results.

Back Busses.
Very similar to Front Busses.
Apply a small amount of Resin Flux to the each Bus, heat them with your Iron for one or two seconds, apply a small amount of Solder and spread it as flat as you can with the Iron while it's still runny , place the Tab over the solder etc. as with the front busses.

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