DIY Soldering Station From an Old Office Lamp





Introduction: DIY Soldering Station From an Old Office Lamp

If you've ever wanted to solder, but don't have a place or buying a soldering station is to expensive, well you come to the right place. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to convert an old office lamp in to a convenient soldering station for building electronics.

Step 1: Materials

. Two pipe cleaners
. Electrical tape or solder rosin
. Two alligator clips
. Magnifying glass
. Office light (with a lamp)

. Glue gun
. Scissors

Step 2: Cleaning the Office Lamp

Since the office lamp I found was in my attic, it was very dirty, cover with dust and mold. So I used anti bacterial disinfectant wipes to clean it off. I also plunged it into the wall to make sure it would work.

Step 3: Magnifying Glass Attachment

Most soldering stations have a magnifying glass which allows the user to view what they are soldering up close and to solder more accurately, so I decided to attach one to the lamp. The lamp had a small metal piece near bulb, allowing me to attach the the magnifying glass to; Then I used a zap starp to secure it.

Step 4: Third Hand Attachment

I used pipe cleaners connected to alligator clips to act as a third hand, after I then glued them to part of the office lamp. The pipe cleaners allow it to hold and clip anything in any direction

Step 5: Soldering Sponge Storage

The office lamp had a few small pockets to store things, so I made use of them. I found one pocket big enough to store a sponge with can be used to clean a soldering iron.

Step 6: Solder Rosin Storage or Electrical Tape Storage

There was even a tape roll included with this lamp. I decided to switch it out for an electrical tape, but it could even be used to store a roll of solder.

Step 7: Component Storage

Like I said before there were many areas included to store and add possible upgrades to this soldering station, the rest is up to you! :)

Step 8: LET'S SOLDER!!!!

Thank you for reading my Instructable on how to make a "Soldering Station from an Old Office Lamp", if you enjoyed it please vote for me in the "Circuits Contest". Also be sure to check out my other Instructables and even follow me. If you have an questions or ideas for future projects let me know in the comments section.



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Very clever, good luck with the contest.

Nice soldering station. I have a similar DIY soldering station in my workshop.