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So, i decided to make this simple, and very useful "third hand" for soldering, i used scrap wood, some glue,a few screws, nails, and two tiny metal spring clamps, to make this, its super simple, you should try it yourself,i think step by step instructions, arent really important in projects like this, but anyway i did a step by step project, and here it is,

Step 1: Materials :

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Step 2: The Base

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Step 3: .......Leg

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Step 4: Top Part, Where Our Spring Clamps Go and All Parts Together..

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Step 5: The Shape

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Step 6:

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after making two holes in the base part, for nails, put some glue ,there , and then attach them together.

Step 7: Top Part

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now attach, two clamps, to the "top part" of wood that we cut already, using two small screws.

Step 8: Finishing

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now attach the base ,and the top with some glue and nails, and there you have it.

Step 9:

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seamster (author)2016-03-08

This looks pretty good, and from just basic tools too! Well done :)

Namik_Karajbic (author)seamster2016-03-09

Thank you very much :)

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