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Introduction: Add Headphone Jack to Your Smartwatch

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Well The iPhone 7 doesn't come with headphone jack anymore, one of the alternative solution can be to Hack a u8 Bluetooth smart watch and add a headphone jack so you can listen your music wirelessly through smart watch from your iphone .

Its a new way to add headphone jack to your iPhone 7 ! it's certainly better than having a no headphone jack . The U8 Smart watch only costs few $ so it will not break your banks and not easy to loss unlike apple's new airpods @ $160 !!!

we will instead use bluetooth smart watch to do the job !

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Step 1: Install 3.5 Mm Audio Jack

Everything is self explanatory here , i took apart u8 smartwatch by removing its back metalic plate and 4 screws , inside you will found a loudspeaker , we will replace it with similar sized 3.5mm audio jack connector ,This watch gives only mono audio output so i connected right and left channel togather .

Step 2: Few Adjustments...

in order to fit the 3.5mm audio jack into the watch you need to make few round cuts into the body and it will almost look like a professional one !

Step 3: It Works !

Yeah It works really good just connect the watch with the Bluetooth and you're ready to go !



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    1 year ago

    very cool, I'll do it with my, already I changed his firmware and am trying to improve the appearance of the system modificand his rom when concluding comment post here for you guys !

    2 replies

    but, i got the same U8 watch and some others, that every body buys,

    i read thet the firmware CAN be changed! How ? got a link for us?

    I had this exact idea with my watch, which I did! However don't really use my watch, as the cheap chinese eBay seller didn't have the vibration motor which i needed!

    2 replies

    Or better yet, take the motor from an old phone.

    awesome idea. I was wondering why you only soldered two wires. its mono.

    but, i got the same U8 watch and some others, that every body buys,

    i read thet the firmware CAN be changed! How ? got a link for us?

    but nice Ible. KEDY

    ITS, MONO.

    THE BIG,, NO NO!!!

    What does this have to do with an iPhone 7?

    There's a really simple method for adding a headphone jack onto an iPhone 7...

    2 replies

    you could use this $7 smart watch if you wanted to charge your phone and listen to music

    Android, Android, Android. this is why I dislike Apple. Great project though, I never would of thought of that! ?