DIY: Sparkle Cupcake Decorations (Happy 4th!)




Introduction: DIY: Sparkle Cupcake Decorations (Happy 4th!)

Synopsis: Happy 4th of JULY! Dress-up your holiday or summer barbecues with these sparkle STAR cupcake decorations! They'll dazzle your party guests! ?

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You are going to need:

-Cake mix (Any flavor goes! I chose chocolate!)

-Red, white, and blue cupcake liners

-Icing (I chose vanilla!)

-Red and white paper straws

-Red and blue card stock


-Red duct tape

-A pencil

-Star template

TO DOWNLOAD:!OcsmkD4a!82bdooCxbmLugONilMxdYAQhdlQmExGHhCnzMcYE45E


-And red and blue chunky glitter

1. Print and cut out the star template.

2. On the back of the card stock, trace the star template.

3. Cut out the star. (Repeat this step until you have enough stars!)

4. Add glue to the front of the star.

5. Spread the glue evenly with a Q-tip.

6. Add glitter. (Repeat this step until all your stars are complete.)

7. Let the stars dry. (If necessary, flatten them with a heavy book. You want to avoid the card stock warping!)

8. Tape the straws to the back of the stars. (Optional: trim the straws so they're not too long!)

9. After your cupcakes are baked and iced, stick in the stars!

10. Serve at a party and enjoy!

Happy 4th of JULY! (if you celebrate it!) ?

Until next time loves! XO!
-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)

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