Step 2: Measuring the case

Picture of Measuring the case
The case is:
25 cm high
20 cm wide
28 cm long

I made it a bit bigger than the speaker needs ia a car to improve the sound quality.

Saw the mdf wood with the jigsaw. Use a saw with small teeth.

Step 3: Measuring the holes for the speakers

To find the centre, draw to lines from corner to corner. The crossing is the middle. Drill a hole big enough to put the jigsawe through. Saw out the holes and you hav the front of the speaker case.

The speaker is 13 cm in diameter. Make sure the hole fits the attach points. The hole must be a bit smaller. i made it 12 cm.

Step 4: Connecting the wires and creating the case

For the back wire connectors, repeat step 3 but make the hole the size of your connectors. In my case 7,5 cm.

Notice: in the back there is a hole missing on the picture. It is important to make an other hole above the connector. This extra hole makes your sound much richer.

The case is put together with glue and screws. Use the 3mm drill before you put in the screws. If you don't, the mdf will break.
Make sure it is air tight.
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sts3mike6 years ago
What is the song in the video tutorial
themakeclass (author)  sts3mike6 years ago
the 2nd song on the last step is: Ellen Allien ft Ame - Rej
themakeclass (author)  sts3mike6 years ago
the song is: Kay D Smith & Marc Tall Presents - Passive Resistance On vinyl a Marco V Combi:nations Album Sampler
DIY Dave6 years ago
cool your soldering iron is just like mine