Picture of DIY monitor speaker build
made by Sandor van Veen for art school Rotterdam, Holland.
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This is an instructable about making a monitor speaker from a car speaker.
A cheap way of making some speakers just to get rid of those awefull computer crap.

I got inspired by some building links. Check them out before putting your own together.
Eekel's Mini's
DIY audioprojects
DIY audioprojects bass reflex

Enjoy this build and let's make some noise!

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
  • 100 cm2, 6mm mdf (enough for this build, 8 euro)
  • adhesive
  • 3 mtr speaker wires (2,90 euro)
  • wire connectors (2,50 euro each)
  • car speakers (39 euro) sony 150 w, 2way, 4 ohm, 13 cm

  • jigsaw
  • drill machine
  • 3mm drill
  • 20mm screws
  • pencil
  • measuring stuff
  • Utility knife
sts3mike7 years ago
What is the song in the video tutorial
themakeclass (author)  sts3mike7 years ago
the 2nd song on the last step is: Ellen Allien ft Ame - Rej
themakeclass (author)  sts3mike7 years ago
the song is: Kay D Smith & Marc Tall Presents - Passive Resistance On vinyl a Marco V Combi:nations Album Sampler
DIY Dave7 years ago
cool your soldering iron is just like mine