This project based on Arduino, it will measure time of one revolution of wheel, then divide wheel's lenght on this time, and it will be the speed. Revolutions of wheel will be measured by magnet and hall sensor. I used servo motor with arrow and scale to show the speed, it looks like "analog". Also I used 7 segment display to show distance (odometer), also arduino write odo in its EEPROM after bicycle is stopped, so odo keeps in Arduino and not clears after system reboot.

You can watch all process of making this device IN THIS VIDEO

Step 1: Components and Wiring

All we need:

Connect components by scheme.

Sketch for Arduino and library are here, on my GitHub page

<p>Why did you link to the non-English Ali site for the components?</p>
<p>That's really cool and comes up at a good time because the Speedo on my bike just broke, getting new ones is a pain and I could probably modify it to work like this if I wanted and still make it look stock standard. Apart from the digital ODO of course. </p>
<p>Motorbike that is. </p>
<p>Dude .. that is all class.</p>
<p>hahahaha<br>good work!!!!</p>
<p>haha great! :) </p>

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