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Introduction: DIY Spiky Craft Ball

About: Hello, My name is Debojit Paul, being a Civil Engineer, now a days i am searching for job, but its never too late to get inspiration and make things happen.

Hello Friends,

This is a beautiful DIY craft.

You can easily make it in a few minutes and decorate your room, table or anywhere you want.

So, let's begin.

Step 1: Parts You Need

So, here are the parts you will need :

1. Thermocol

2. Pen knife

3. Matchsticks ( red i used or any color you love )

4. Glue ( fevicol )

5. marker

Step 2: Make the Sphere

Now simply cut the thermocol piece into a sphere shape using the pen knife.

Step 3: Finalize the Ball

Now, make some holes on the ball so that matchsticks can fit.

Let's color the ball using a red marker.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Take the matchsticks and break in the middle of some different sizes.

Put glue in the matchsticks and insert in the holes.

Do it all around the sphere.

You can attach mix color sticks.

But single color is good.

So, here is your finished product.

Thank you.



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    lol what would happen if someone did

    this reminds me of the spiky ball from diary of a wimpy kid. But this is way cooler!

    1 reply

    Wouldn't using broken round toothpicks and adding color on the ends be a heck of a lot safer? Seems that if any spark got close to this, one stick firing up would be all sticks firing up. Not sure that would be a good thing. JMHO

    1 reply

    Its only a craft not made for fire uses, so it will.

    but you can make one for fun purpose..

    It would make a great fire starter if you could find a different core--one that did not give off noxious fumes when you lit it.

    1 reply