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Woo Hoo

Step 1: DIY Spinning Top for (big) Kids!

Glue the marble inside the bottle top.

(Of course, you could decorate the bottle top for extra effect)

Trace from something circular to make the shape we need.

Step 2: DIY Spinning Top for (big) Kids!

You can draw lines to divide up areas of colour.

Or, and I want to try this the next time, you could do swirls so it looks really impressive when you spin.

Step 3: DIY Spinning Top for (big) Kids!

Decorate as you please!!

Step 4: DIY Spinning Top for (big) Kids!

Either before paints or after, you should cute a hole for the bottle cap to fit snuggly inside. I just drew around the bottle top itself.

Step 5: DIY Spinning Top for (big) Kids!

Da Da!!! Have fun!!!

and lots of fun!

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