Fairly simple to make, minimal sewing. Total cost less than $10. Materials needed. 1 yard yellow fleece fabric. 8x10 sheet white foam, 8x10 sheet black foam,2 8x12 yellow foam, 8x10 red felt, 8x10 blue felt and lots of hot glue!!

Step 1: Cardboard Box

Pick the size box you want. I glued pieces of different boxes together to get the right rectangles sixe I wanted.  I always cut the holes first before the fabric.
<p>precious grandson could have the hole crew at his party! BUT HIS PARTY IS THIS SATURDAY</p>
<p>I want to thank you for putting this up for ppl like me to understand I was gonna order Spongebob off of Ebay for 65 but when they added shipping the total cost was over 280!! This is my grandson's 1st Birthday party and he LOVEs sponge bob now if i could find out how to make Mr Krabs,Patrick N Squidward my </p>
Very nice!! I once made myself Spongebob out of a box as well, so so so much fun! :)
Thanks. It was fun! A lot easier than i thought it would be too.
Thanks. It was fun! A lot easier than i thought it would be too.
Awesome ! <br>Also your son looks very funny and cute ! god bless him <br> <br>Take care .... Mohammad

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