Step 1: Cut Out Pattern Pieces

Picture of Cut Out Pattern Pieces
Print out pattern and cut out.

To save time, fold your fabric in half so that you are cutting out two pieces instead of one.

Place on polar fleece and cut out pattern.

I cut mine free form and just held the pattern down, but it might be a better idea to pin the paper to the fabric first.

Note: Before cutting decide if you want a hat brim that is stretchy or one that fits more precisely. If you want a stretchy brim, which I recommend, pull on your fabric to figure out which way the fabric stretches. Once you've got that place your pattern along the direction of the stretch.

If you don't want your brim to stretch place it in the direction the fabric does not stretch.
JusticeRose5 years ago
awesome pattern, but the measurements are off...
the brim in the pattern piece is 8 inches across instead of 11 :(
hoping I upsize everything well enough, I'm giving this to my friend tomorrow for her birthday
pollo.MD5 years ago
Pleeeeeeeeeeease send me a pdf too? it`s a really cool design but it`s a little difficult without the measurements.
It would reaaaaaaaally help if you could put some rough measurements for the patterns. :(
could u please send me a copy of the patten because i can't get the pdf version and also it would help alot if u put muserments on your patten cut outs :P i'v never sewn befor but would love to make this for my friend this weekend for her birthday thanks please contact me as soon as posable please thankyou my email is bloodangel1500@hotmail.com thanks