Made this whole project from junk laying about in my garage. Friends and family have been getting on me about not signing or branding any of my work so I thought I would make a quick stamp of the TL from my logo.

If you wondering about the face in the drawer check out Steve Carmichael https://www.youtube.com/user/carmichaelworkshop

== Materials == Big Eraser: Traditionally handmade stamps are carved from blocks linoleum, but since i didn't have that I figured a big pink eraser might work. for more information on the photo transfer technique use checkout Steve Ramsey's tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq2O66QGCwg

Carving Chisels: You can buy specialized tools for stamp carving but they basically amount to tiny V and U gouges so I just used the smallest ones I had. Although if you need to get much more detailed then the logo pictured it might be well worth picking up the real tools.

Scrap of wood: pretty anything will work, a lot of the work pictured could have been omitted if I had the right size fostner bit.

Drawer pull: Make, salvage, or buy a drawer pull or handle. Mine was from an old coffee table that was getting thrown out.

Thanks for watching

<p>Nice work on the stamp mate. I really need to make a stamp. This is a very good Instructable Thank you for sharing...</p>

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